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                                                                                                                                                                                                   Sanskrit  is one of the most ancient languages of the world and also mother of all Indian Languages.    To understand different Indian Languages one must learn Sanskrit. Since ancient time, our country has remained tightly bonded only because of its rich cultural, social, literary and religious heritage - through Sanskrit only, because all ancient literature and religious books are in this language only.

    The grammar of Sanskrit is very accurate and scientific, hence - once its basics are learnt, one will always get - uniformly accurate answer, just like Arithmetic. That is why Sanskrit language has been considered as the best language for computer.

Once grammar of Sanskrit is thoroughly understood , it becomes very easy to understand and learn - not only Hindi but also English grammar , as Latin - which is mother of English Language and Sanskrit Language both have originated from one common mother language.

    The oldest known books to Mankind i.e. all four Vedas, and other very rich ancient Indian Literature, which covers all aspects of human life, is still available in Sanskrit. Today whole world is interested to know it. Even NASA - the most powerful scientific establishment on earth has realised its importance and has got a Sanskrit Department. They are using various detail astronomical and astrological information available in Sanskrit literature to explore - The Secrets of Universe.

    As our rich cultural heritage, moral science and religious and spiritual literature is available in Sanskrit language throughout the country, Sanskrit as a subject is included in curriculum of both school and college education, all over India. In Indore, Sanskrit is taught up to 10th standard in few schools only, S.I.C.A. Schools are one of those.

    S.I.C.A. Educational trust is constantly working not only to teach Sanskrit to its students but also to instil good moral values into them.

    Every year, in Annual Function's Exhibition increasing number of students exhibit their talent and in depth Sanskrit knowledge through self made charts, poems, quiz, skits, dramas, etc.    These activities have amused and enthralled our chief guests and parents in Annual Functions.

    Let us motivate all Indian citizens to learn Sanskrit - as to know Sanskrit is to know our roots.

                                        -JAI BHARAT RASHTRA