Social Science Department
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Education prepares the child for life. The purpose of education is not only impart knowledge but more importantly to tap the hidden talent and potentialities of the students and helping them develop physically, intellectually, morally and spiritually.

Science generates tools and technologies. Biology generates life , philosophy generates thoughts. It’s Social Science that generates Humans. Understanding this great responsibility. SICA is making its efforts in transforming India’s destiny by creating responsible and overall good humans.

To accomplish these goals greater part of the responsibility lies on the shoulder of Social Science faculty. In the words of Einstein “I never teach my pupils; I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn”. These inspiring words are the guiding philosophy of Social Science faculty.

Our objective of classroom teaching is not just cover the syllabus but to uncover knowledge. It is a dynamic subject, which deals with our past, present and future. During classroom teaching or interaction we deal the chapter in such a way that the content can be clear at a glance. Later, we go for point wise description.

Day to day happenings are also quoted as examples to make the subject interesting and interacting. Apart from these, discussion method is also used for teaching. Audiovisual aids like short films clipping of the events etc. and story telling, role-playing are used to make teaching lively. Continuous, Comprehensive Assessment test (CCAT) are conducted to assess the progress of the children. Project work and assignments are given to enable the child to learn by doing.

We have proved our excellence in the subject by achieving 100% result and two of our students have scored centum marks in X board exam in the academic year 2005-06.

Instead of focusing on inputs we strive to focus on outcomes and shift emphasis to application in real life. As we believe teachers are technically educated advisors who construct happenings and events to remold the way of thinking of the students and give society responsible citizens.